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The response to change is often to defend the status quo. Behind this mindset is an acknowledgement that the seismic changes we continue to experience are beyond existing systems and the organisations, teams and people within them. The process of accepting the status quo or incremental change are over

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Australia’s recent bushfire crisis demonstrated the challenge of transformational change. The range of leadership on display was enormous and the breadth of this shows Australia’s opportunity to role model world-class leadership in facing up to the transformation challenge.

While the media points the fingers of blame leaders in systemic transformation understand we all share the responsibility for change. Systemic thinking opens up opportunities and resources and an understanding of the power of individual mindsets and actions on the collective.

As we roll into the third decade of 21st century, there is anxiety about our future, multiple and unprecedented challenges and even the survival of our species. However, nature adapts, as do we in our tribes and groups, and organisations. All of which have tremendous power and influence to accelerate change. Who can forget the Victorian premier’s unrelenting commitment to communication or multiple fire service leaders capacity for calm response.

However, we also saw people, organisations and government that were under-prepared and we are seeing it again with the Corona virus challenge. A new narrative and leadership thinking around Systemic Transformation is recognising that time inevitably runs out and the acceleration of cultural shift, locally, nationally and globally is vital.


Change must happen simultaneously on a personal, tribal/team, organisational and macro level – all are connected. Transparency and vulnerability are imperatives for all leaders. Yet, people need to feel “safe” on this transformational journey. Leaders in communities, governments and businesses are starting to think systemically about change.

In conjunction with Xenergie Consulting, and a global co-hort of thought leaders, we are delighted to support the introduction of a unique professional development program to Australian leaders. Their Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation sees its foundation module delivered in Australia for the first time.

Initially focussed on “big picture leaders” and likely practitioners, the overall program will be available to leaders at all levels and delivers internationally recognised Diploma accreditation

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Transformation is now a much broader discipline and goes to the heart of leaders understanding what is needed to make change successful.