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Recruitment Decision Matrix

A common failing in making appointments is making choices from two or three candidates that were most “liked” in the interview process. This is particularly true where several people conduct interviews. A decision matrix allows the hiring team to base their considerations on the key criteria and, if there are different points of view, to discuss them. A Decision Matrix is a valuable tool. For increased sophistication, use two key areas of responsibility, the top two competencies and two core values. Of course results history may be important too, but we have assumed that these can be independently validated.


  1. Enter the Company name, job title and the date on the top left of the matrix.
  2. Next to “Criteria” manually enter the top 6 criteria that you will use to evaluate candidates in the top row
  3. In the second row enter a numerical weighting (either manually or use the drop down then hit your enter key). These must add up to 100, so adjust if necessary.
  4. For each weighting the Benchmark row will show a value that is half of the weight for each attribute. The total amount of benchmark MUST be 50 displayed in the yellow box
  5. Enter the candidate names being considered in the left hand column
  6. Working across, score each candidate, for each attribute, against the benchmark (better or worse) up to the maximum score for each attribute
  7. Repeat for each candidate.
  8. The “Total” column will be automatically updated based on the total score for that candidate.
  9. If the total >50, the score will display in a green box, <50 will be in a red box and 50 will be yellow.
  10. You can Sort the input and result table by clicking “sort” above each Attribute.  This may help you look more clearly at the most important attributes.
  11. Press CTRL+P or PrintScreen button on your keyboard to save your result.
  12. Click “Reset” button to clear the matrix
  13. Click “Contact Us” to submit and discuss your result.


Troubleshoot: Errors will appear in red or red highlights and indicate the fields that require attention

Company: Job Title:
Error: Please fill Candidate names and place amount for each criterion.
Criteria Attributes and Weights
Error: Please make sure the sum total of attribute weighting is 100
Candidate Names Scores Total