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The Leaders Journey

Leadership Health Check - Understanding Your Leadership Attributes

There is a well-known saying that it’s lonely at the top. It doesn’t have to be that way. While you may be working even more from your desk and in different locations than your teams – using technology to collaborate, your leadership journey needs to embrace the challenges that you already know and develop the skills to adapt to the future. Our entire journey blends face to face and technology based support to walk alongside you on the trek.

1. Start with Data

The data we start with depends on your challenge. We have at least 20 free diagnostics and other tools which can be completed and reported on individually or collated for team results. There’s also a wide range of psychometric assessments for individuals and teams. Your input is vital but starting with data produces evidence-based solutions.

2.Check your Health

Distributed workforces, online management, AI and other external forces have changed the way we work. Talent is choosing the company and the leader they work for. Reflect on your current Leadership Performance in a highly productive 2 hour intensive “Leadership Health Check”  with one of our experienced Business Advisors

3.Insight Circles

We believe in “learning from the future as it emerges”. Joining one of our Insight circles where your first session is free of charge, whether the gathering is online or face-to-face, allows you to share in the knowledge and insights of peer group professionals who could be facing similar industry, role or situational challenges to you

4.Discovery Cohorts

It is likely that your Insight Circle will lead you to an Innovation Discovery Cohort. These are subscription based services where you will begin with your immediate area of expertise and as the groups develop and mature, you will have the option to participate in other cohorts where topical.

5.Coach Me Up

a.The need for one-on-one interaction with an advisor often emerges at this stage. You will remain in your Discovery and Innovation Cohort and will benefit from a structured program of one to one interactions that align with your revolving goals. This will be covered by a simple adjustment to your cohort subscription.

6.Back to Business

As your business faces new and emerging challenges, this is most likely the point at which you realise the need to take the organisation on your leadership journey. In essence, it’s an in-house process that repeats these stages for your leadership team as we apply them to your agreed scope.

7.Roll It Out

This is a natural, leveraged extension of the work with your leadership team as you apply your change initiatives and strategic direction to your entire organisation. Interactions can be personalised by level and disciplines to produce the most cost-effective learning journey for your organisation

8.Transform Me

At this point, you become a true Pathfinder. There is a growing realisation that you need to go deeper, that you need to ask bigger questions and that you have hit the systemic limits of the organisation you are working in. That does not have to be permanent but you will need to develop new skills. A diploma in the Systemic Transformation of Organisations is your next, deep, career changing commitment.

9.Transform the System

Becoming a Pathfinder opens the door to facilitating systemic change on a much broader canvas. It may be across your whole organisation or indeed even wider. Taking your organisation on a deeper journey of systemic change is your next challenge.

Pricing Information

While it is likely that Leadership Development activity may start this journey with us at that different points on the list below and with substantially varying scope, the price points below provide a reliable indicator of what you may expect subject to the details of your requirements.

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