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Flight Risk Calculator

History shows that times of economic upheaval create uncertainty and restlessness among employees. Generally, when someone resigns, it is completely unexpected, we just did not see it coming. Our free Flight Risk Calculator asks the questions about the issue that research shows are the biggest contributors to flight risk.  Feel free to check it out, and if you get two or three “red” results among your team, you might want to give us a call.

Flight risk


  1. Enter Your Employee’s Name and the Date at the top of the form
  2. Select an answer for each question by clicking the drop-down button.
  3. After the questions have all been completed, the result will automatically appear on the top right.
  4. The calculator uses a simple traffic light system. The result will either be Low (Green), Medium (Yellow), or High (Red).
  5. Press CTRL+P or PrintScreen button on your keyboard to save your result.
  6. Click “Reset” button to clear the answer field and repeat for additional staff
  7. Click “Contact Us” to arrange a discussion your results

Troubleshoot: If the calculation does not complete,  you just need to complete any fields highlighted in red.

flight risk calculator
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