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Executive Search Methods

Executive Search Methods

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Executive Search Method - Project Ignition
Executive Search Method - Search
Executive Search Method - Screening and selection
Executive Search Method - Project Audit
Executive Search Method - Shortlist presentation
Executive Search Method - Client Interview
Executive Search Method - offer and acceptance
Executive Search Method - Integration
Executive Search Method - Review

Executive Search
Pricing and Guarantees

Executive Search
Pricing and Guarantees

Globally, Executive Search fees can be as high as 35%. Executive Search is usually a skilled, discrete and labour intensive service. Consequently, Executive Search fees will be quoted in an individual proposal for each assignment.

Our typical range for Executive Search and Executive Recruitment will be between 18% and 24% of first year guaranteed remuneration. This includes base salary, superannuation and any vehicle or vehicle allowance.

We do not apply fees to incentive remuneration components locally, however, we may receive work from an international head office were global network fee arrangements are already in place and these may vary from assignment to assignment.

Will always provide complimentary market-based remuneration recommendations with complete transparency on our source of data.

Where we are quoting, the issues to be considered include:

  • Difficulty and specialist nature of search
  • Remuneration
  • Competition for likely talent
  • Length of guarantee – we have 6 month and 12 month options on Executive Search roles
  • Fee Structure
  • “Retained Search” will include 3 equal part payments on commencement, at shortlist stage and on placement
  • “Engaged Search” will include an initial retainer of approximately one third of the final fee with the balance on placement
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