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Custom recruitment projects, especially where speed and volume are concerned are difficult – that’s why we love them. RPO solutions came and went because ultimately cost alone does not represent value. We have added agility to the model with 1st Source.

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Most Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions or “Panels” are eventually made moribund by contractual obligations, expectations and reams of policy and procedure documentation. At 1st Executive, we mobilise the power of our networks, deliver a relevant, custom designed team to a specific project whether regional, national or international, complete the project and then move on. We do this, not only for recruitment, but also for advisory, leadership, team building and organisational development.

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Transformation is now a much broader discipline and goes to the heart of leaders understanding what is needed to make change successful.

What has changed in recruitment and selection and executive search? What are the new workplace and leadership attributes that employers should be looking for in their recruitment and selection

This is an extract from the Executive Summary of the 2021 Mindshop Business Leader Insights Report “Leadership Behaviours for High Performance”.