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Our own published research shows that an unintended consequence of introducing change initiatives is that most internally driven, cross team projects fail to meet objectives! The direct and opportunity cost of this is enormous.

Interim Management is a ‘fast start’ opportunity for companies to implement change, strategies, and initiatives. For companies with international plans, we now deliver executive interim solutions in 22 countries across 5 continents. Australia and New Zealand have some of the best conditions for interim management. Health insurance, enterprise, tax laws and employment law provide strong foundations for interim management.

The ROI of Interim Managers

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IXPA is a professional network of Interim Management Providers who together supply experienced Interim Managers to leaders of organisations who operate across the world. 

Focussed on the senior Interim Management market our assignments are mostly business critical and board sponsored. 

If you would like to discuss how an Interim Manager from IXPA can support you anywhere in the world please get in touch. 

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In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of managing people and talent cost effectively, change is a challenge. Research shows that an unintended consequence of introducing change initiatives is that most internally driven cross team projects fail to meet objectives! The direct and opportunity cost of this is enormous. Around the world Interim Managers are being used successfully to fast track change outcomes

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An interim manager may be exactly what your business needs in times of change or duress. There are various factors that need to considered to ensure that interim management will achieve the results you need.

Needs are well understood

Make sure needs are well understood – a project scope, milestones, quality measures, and timescales

Bring Expertise

Hiring an interim manager brings you the skills, specialist knowledge, and flexibility you or your business may be lacking now

Client to Client Relationship

Interim Managers are a client to client relationship. Form a relationship that lasts, you may need them again

Clear Project Team Structure

Clear project team structure. Decide who the interim manager will report to, and know how they will be managed

High Expectations

Set realistically high expectations, make sure these are noted in your scope of works and that progress is tracked


Gap management is the most common need for interim management, whether this is filling a gap because of maternity leave or long service leave, specific skills and resources or other operational continuity and flexibility requirements. Interim management is also a very powerful tool for organisational development in specific circumstances, some of these are listed below

Whether preparing due diligence, leading a M&A project or manageing business integration after an acquisition there are interim managers in these fields likely to have experience that your existing leadership team may not. In addition , a restructure whether it is right sizing or whether it is building a new team for future growth Would most likely benefit from the skills of an experienced interim manager.

New projects bring new challenges. Interim Management addresses challenges arising from new business wins, change in business focus, new opportunities, international opportunities – mergers and restructures. The right interim manager will deliver focused outcomes while allowing current executives to continue with their own responsibilities.

A “business as usual” team will need extensive professional development to be effective transformational leaders. Recently, “ digital transformation” was the buzzword. The global pandemic accelerated this and now there is much greater understanding of the need for transformation of leaders, teams and organisations that go well beyond merely digital and into the realms of systemic change. There is a small but growing number of interim executives and non-executive directors with a deep understanding of this area. Throughout global affiliation with IXPA and our shareholding in a systemic change consultancy , Xenergie (see www.xenergie.com.au) we can deliver the required talent, resources and intellectual property to this new age business challenge

All crisis management is interim management. Crises arise for a variety of reasons – public relations disasters, unexpected financial issues, business continuity issues, health and safety problems, consumer safety, plant and business closures, or environmental events. The existing executive team rarely has deep skills, knowledge and experience of crises. Interim managers have experience dealing with a wide range of interim crisis management issues.

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Interim Management Assignments usually range from three to nine months, and some are made longer upon agreement. There are four points when considering when to use an interim manager.

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There are only a handful of consultancies and business advisors who will turn their hand to strategy implementation. Usually, they provide a report or a set of recommendations that are left in the hands of an existing team. We know from research that over 90% of CEOs have seen existing leadership teams fail with strategy implementation. Interim managers have the capacity to cut straight to the chase and start implementation that produces change almost immediately.

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Australia will have one of the lowest take up rates of executive interim management as a percentage of total workforce population in the English-speaking world.


There is an untapped opportunity for companies in Australia to accelerate growth by leveraging professional Interim Managers in the workforce. The latest business leader performance trends and best practice report provides a range of scenarios where Interim Managers could provide great results.

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Interim managers are sourced within days as opposed to the weeks or months needed for a permanent position.

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