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Mass recruitment does not equal a sacrifice in quality of candidates. Our process and experience in mass recruitment (or volume recruitment) ensure that the fiftieth hire is as good as the first. We’ve proven this in the past – keep reading to see how we did it.

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New projects, new locations, new initiatives are complex and disruptive. Good project management can choke on the human resources element and frequently does.

Navigating this successful is more about know how than it is numbers. Anyone can do the numbers, but tailoring a specific process and applying the right technology to sourcing and selection of large numbers of people quickly pays rich dividends. We have done this in transport, aviation, retail, IT, consumer electronics, civil engineering, water engineering and more. In full, on time, on budget – so that the project managers get to manage the proje

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50,000 Placements in over 50 countries

At NPAworldwide, we passed this threshold a little while ago. When it comes to recruiting a team, wherever they are, you need an exceptional team of your own behind you. While you as the hirer can enjoy a single point of contact and personal service, we have access to over 500 firms and up to 5000 consultants. We share fees and we don’t compete with each other except to see who can lead the way in using the network. At 1st Executive, we have taken a brief on behalf of a client located in San Francisco, found the talent here in Melbourne and place them in Tokyo. Here in Australia,  we have supported the large-scale recruitment of teams in the food industry. the airline industry and the professions. We don’t just have friends in high places, we have friends in many places.

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Transformation is now a much broader discipline and goes to the heart of leaders understanding what is needed to make change successful.