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Simplified Workforce Plan

This free tool could save you at least $22,000 a month. Based on the average Australian weekly earnings (ABS Data, May 2020) and our expectation that businesses need to receive around $3 of value for every dollar of remuneration paid, having an unwanted vacancy in your team of just one month will cost you $22,280 – possibly more. Having a workforce plan that takes account of the likely changes and movements in your existing team is important. Adding in some basic succession planning allows you to manage the transition of team members to new roles and plan for new hires with minimal disruption and minimal loss of value. We hope you find this helpful


  1. Enter your name, company and the date on the top left of the matrix.
  2. Select your estimate of growth (“There will be job growth in the next year of”) on the top right of the matrix from the drop down.
  3. Add Job Titles to the cells under “Roles”
  4. Select the options from the drop downs under each of the columns – “Role Classification”, “Age of Incumbent”, “Successor Identified”, “Successor will be ready in” and “Incumbent Most Likely to Leave Role due to resignation, dismissal, restructure, retirement”
  5. Repeat for each employee.
  6. Add additional rows by clicking “+ Add More” button on the bottom left. Maximum of 20 rows.  If you are doing a workforce plan for a bigger team – call us, we can assist
  7. The “Risk Factor” column will be automatically updated.
  8. The “Recruitment Activity Required” box will be automatically updated.
  9. Click “Update Chart” bottom on the bottom right to show 3 pie charts based on Role Classification.
  10. You can sort each column by attribute,  ascending or descending, in the table by clicking each Attribute heading.
  11. Press CTRL+P or PrintScreen button on your keyboard to save your result.
  12. Click “Reset” button to clear the answer field.
  13. Click “Contact Us” to redirect users to discuss your result with us.

Troubleshooting: If “update chart” does not work,  fields still requiring input will be highlighted in red.  You will need a minimum of 9 roles.

There will be job growth in the next year of:
Recruitment Activity Required
Error: Please make sure you have selected options for each candidate
Roles Role Classification Age of Incumbent Successor Identified Successor will be ready in: Incumbent Most Likely to Leave Role due to resignation, dismissal, restructure, retirement Risk Factor
+ Add More You will need a minimum of 9 roles to generate charts