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1st Executive’s IXPA partner in Austria, Buhler Management supported a German family owned business navigating the departure of their HR Manager. Identifying seasoned HR leader Henryk the gap was covered quickly and the company benefited from a more strategic approach that saw a Human Resources team re-vitalised and working independently and efficiently in four months.


When the HR manager of this leading German family-run
business departed, a void emerged in the HR function. Rather than opting for a quick replacement, the leadership at this international business chose a more strategic approach. They needed a transformative HR expert rather than a business as usual and turned to 1st Executive’s IXPA partner Buhler Management to take this more challenging path.


Recognizing the necessity for HR guidance, the firm enlisted IXPA partner Bühler Management, who recommended Henryk, an adept HR leader skilled in process optimization and talent development. Initially tasked with coaching the HR team, Henryk identified the need to elevate HR’s strategic role, focusing on clarifying responsibilities, enhancing performance management, and empowering supervisors. Through collaborative workshops, Henryk successfully implemented tailored solutions to address these critical areas of improvement.


In less than four months, the transformation was exceptional. The HR team now operates with heightened skill, independence, and strategic foresight. Collaboration is seamless, processes, are standardized, and robust leadership is embedded.


  • Clarifying Responsibilities: Redefined roles for strategically aligned collaboration.
  • Performance Management Excellence: Implemented a transparent, structured program.
  • Supervisor Empowerment: Enhanced leadership through targeted training.

"1stly, Interim Managers Transform"


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